hey i go by ae, which is really a shortened version of my real name and also what my family calls me (aah-eee). I go by they/them.

right now i am working full-time and do schooling part-time for a medical related degree. i do really love learning about the human body and the way multiple parts can interconnect so well and all, then the other side of it of like illness and disease.. but super exicted to finish it up! otherwise, i usually am drawing, playing whatever game im into at the moment, and doing small writings here and there now. The ones i particularly like i upload under the random tab! you may find stuff thats out of place and not connected to anything, which is how i made it be. enjoy!

GAMES: i love games a lot, specifically the open-world type where you can really get lost in it. Recently i've been getting into hack and slash games. i usually dont have a lot of time on my hands now, but i still really enjoy them. i love zelda games, mario kart, guitar hero, and hades at the moment. been considering getting into driving games.

MOVIES: i also love movies i have spent days just watching movies by myself i really recommened going to movie theatres by yourself as well (recommend going anywhere by yourself the experience is nice and pleasant w/o others distracting you) some top ones are fight club (yeah ik shut up) saw (again shut the fuck up) and like way more others probably i always forget the names. btw i watched as above so below and i thought it was cool it really made me deepdive into the catacombs stuff but the movie itself was okay. i mean like, the main girl essentially killed everyone by her own actions so... not the best plot i guess. cool concept tho. oh i love sci-fi and psychological horror the most (about like 80% of psychological horror i love) and cloverfield was super good. transformers, the first one tho, is good as well.

MUSIC: okayish music head. i say okayish cus i cant tell u the band names specifically off the top of my head so i may get called poser by complete accident. anyway, i love rock and metal the most, mostly since i was raised on that stuff by my parents who also btw have to say this; they hosted parties like big ass parties on the block and know some metal bands personally and have some sick collectible stuff, so you can imagine what sort of parents i had and how big rock music was a part of my life growing up. ok moving on, cleopatrick is a good fave, superheaven, silverchair, deftones, narrow head, fleshwater, julie, uhh every fucking rock and metal band out there. essentially the entire genres on guitar hero. love concerts too have been to like a dozen the past few months.

always liked whats in my bag vids for some reason and its a good tell on how a person is by what they carry.. not pictured is my wallet obvious reasons, the badtz maru pouch i put some smaller stuff in, and the bag which is a red apple color baggu small crescent. which i love.