various art stuff that aren't ocs or sketchbook pages.. mostly digital stuff

cowboy stuff, then two that was like a character design challenge i did w my friend. it was picking three random emojis for the other and designing a character based on those three.. was pretty cool and fun!!

these three were ones i did for the same friend (youre gonna get a lot of art from me pertaining to this friend probably LOL) and it was their ocs whihjcc: you should check out here; was kinda testing out a new painting style here

various art,,, one is from danny phantom which i would put in a separate fanart category but i also post these under a tag on my tumblr and i cant be bothered to organize them out again lmao. some are some doodle pages i did of my friends and i w like.. little jokes and refs we have . hopefully i can meet some of them irl this year!! crossing my fingers i love them so much

top one of the sun guy is sunnyisonline which is the twitter banner i did for him, good friend as well!

me as a devil love this little guy. friend designed it and fell in love so much i made it my sona now. made my mc skin as this

danny phantom.... waow! , requests over from tumblr that i do from time to time. like once in a blue moon i open them and do it when im like waiting for something and dont want to think nor scroll thru social media. specific yeah. i enjoy drawing danny phantom which is great when so many like my danny phantom art! waow.