ok hiiiiii. this is where im holding some sketchbook stuff directly scanned from my sketchbooks. it's kinda all over the place but ill try my best to date them and give small captions to them, but i use like four sketchbooks at once at all times so, yippe. also more than likely ill only put my sketches here it feels weird to post them to anywhere else like my twitter or tumblr

wooo first pages.. uh. oc faces, and guitar hero ocs. yes guitar hero i was bored at work. middle one is a design i made for a danny phantom au but im not really into that anymore but i still love the design might turn it into a new oc/oc world

anatomy studies. i got a book in new york on a trip that went into anatomy and its one of the best anatomy books ive come across, which is morpho. realized later theres a giant one so considering getting that soon....

these are kinda old. been forgetting about these.. first is when i was at work w nothing to do and drew myself w longer hair cus it grew since a lot. second is oc draws . hyeah i still havent done a sheet for my ocs.