Basic Info
Blog Username: REDACTED
Nickname: ae (REDACTED)
Gender: Non-binary (they/them)
Setting / Origin: Apocalypse
Height: 5’1”
Body Type: Average

Personal Information
A rather strict individual, commonly taking initiative and keeping everyone in check. Generally dislikes being the leader, but acknowledges someone must do so. A patient individual, managing to keep themselves level headed, logical, and rational. Is sarcastic and joking when not in serious situations. Tends to have anxieties about the others concerning their safety and health, generally disregarding their own. Is usually with REDACTED, sticking by their side due to the familiarity and comfortability around them. Regarded as the team’s medic due to their higher knowledge on the human body and possessing steady fingers. Tends to be extremely wary of newcomers, keeping their team close and within reach during changes, willing to pull a gun on anyone if it meant their team is safe.
Short statue, perhaps the shortest in the group. Dark hair is usually umkempt and messy, due to being short and low-maintenance. Simple clothing, usually thrown on in layers, consisting of a black tee, gray flannel and a black jacket on top. Wears loose blue jeans with sneakers. Underneath wears gray arm warmers that cover from the forearm to knuckles, due to having easily cold hands. Scars easily and has faded, silver scars on various body parts, along with slight bruising on joints. Dark circles under eyes, due to low sleep. Keeps a standard backpack along with a AK-47 carried on an arm strap and a pistol in a belt holster at all times.

(A - E rating style)
Strength - C
Agility - A
Mental / Physical Fortitude - B
Cunning - A
Knowledge - B

- QUICK THINKING - values themselves for their quick thinking, able to scope out situations and pick the best option available. Generally goes with the flow and rolls with the punches. Knows when to sacrifice a situation and when to keep going.
- ADAPTABILITY - doesn’t worry too much about changes in situations and adapts as needed, but worries about the other’s adaptability. Slight nerves about changes regarding their teammates health and worries, but is generally able to keep a level head.
- DECISION MAKING - usually making the final calls on the teams decisions with REDACTED’s and REDACTED’s input. Ahead on the plans and making more secure steps if needed without the team knowing. Unsure of other’s decisions, but keeps on eye on the others and takes the input they give into consideration to keep everyone safe.
- DRIVING - driving since they could get their hands on a license, is usually the one who drives. Is wary of others driving, trusting themselves more than anything related to it. Their quick decisions helps a lot. Able to understand a vehicle quickly, they’re all mostly similar anyway.
- MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE - being in school beforehand for a medically related certification, has better knowledge on the human body than their teammates. Is the one who takes note of the others health and makes sure injuries are taken care of. With a steady hand, is the one who ends up stitching up others and cleaning wounds.

- OVERTHINKING - although keeping themselves in check and keeping logic as their top priority, has moments of quiet overthinking, generally when by themselves or on night watch. Keeps it to themselves, not wanting to bring the team down when so many rely on them. Worries usually consist of others thinking they’re too much of a hardass and mean, or being too strict on them or thinking they could be doing more things of use.
- DISREGARDING THEMSELVES - doesn’t watch themselves too much, putting their own health and worries on the backburner when theres other things to think of. Tends to forget their own health, usually becoming easily tired and worn down without noticing. A teammate usually takes over when burnout occurs, noticing the quieter and snappier responses with sluggish movements.
- STUBBORN - either a weakness or advantage, but sees it more of a weakness. Is usually standing on their own opinions strongly, believing them to be rational and founded for reason. Although can be swayed, is perhaps a little rude and skeptical about it.
- RESERVED - is quiet on too many things they think of, thinking they’re useless worries. Their worries and issues go unnoticed, thinking them irrational and making no sense. Can tend to come out a bit too late, during a heavy depressive episode. Doesn’t know how to ask for help.

the science as to why they have the immunity is unknown, but REDACTED’s research into it has given some clues into why. Dislikes it, another thing that makes them feel guilty for their survival. After finding out the immunity, is more upfront about going into dangerous situations on their own than ever before. REDACTED hates it, but AE could care less.

Found out through hiding a bite, assuming when they get worse they’ll ask for someone to put a gun to their head. Weirdly enough, healed over without issue or symptoms. Only found out by the others when REDACTED walked in on them bandaging a bite that was easily recognized for what it is (REDACTED).

Trying to find a lab to extract it.

Developed survivors guilt after the discovery.

- ak-47 on a shoulder strap, carried on one arm usually for quick access.
- A pistol in a holster, on a belt strap for added backup.
- Utility knives, a pocket for one sewn into the front strap of their backpack for easy and quick access. Used for a variety of things.

Key Items
- Med kit, consisting of needles, bandages, alcohol if found and scrap fabrics for coverings.
- Random empty bottles, usually for finding water and other liquids they may need later on.
- Pouch of knickknacks REDACTED tends to gift and ones they find themselves.
- Scrap paper and a sketchbook, usually stocked up on stores they find. Most dont take those stuff, luckily.
- Gloves, used mostly for dirty situations and added warmth
- Small radio, used for tuning into other stations if survivors or a safehouse is found/announced on stations.
- Walkie talkie, paired with REDACTED’s. Trying to find more for the team.

Lives as a friend
The team manages to find the research papers and a lab to be able to recreate the extraction process. Although it takes awhile due to the immunity tying in with AE’s blood, a point is eventually reached to create enough immunity shots. Immunity for previously un-immune individuals is achieved, and a safe house is created in an isolated area. This time, for forever, they can relax with their team and drop the loathed leader role to be a friend instead.
Spends their days reading what books they find along with drawing, mostly capturing what plants and flowers the gardeners of the group plant, new recipes REDACTED teaches them as well as gardening tips REDACTED gives. Wears light, loose clothing, but has an ache in their arm from where the blood was extracted repeatedly for the immunity shots. Small pinpoint scars live in the corner of their elbow.

Dies as a leader
A sacrifice gets made eventually.
On the last stretch to find the lab where the research originated for the immunity extractions, a horde eventually reaches a duo. Trapped in a high building with poor stability, the floors start to give out. In a desperation to save their teammate, they sacrifice their own chance at escape to give it to a friend instead. The building collapses and a puncture occurs in their lung. It’s left to the group to continue, but there’s no immunity now… maybe.

The lab was found, but a horde was on the duo’s tails by the time they reached the main area. A locked door separates the friends and for once they don’t know what to do as they listen to REDACTED shooting away into a surefire death.
Immunity is found, except they don’t know how to be a friend anymore to a team that has more death as time passes and no one close to rely on anymore. Survivor’s guilt keeps poking its head more and more and eventually, after a safe house has been established for the people in their team that was left, they wander off in hopes to save more people with immunity.

They don’t see their old team again, and no one knows what’s left of them.

After REDACTED’s death, makes the immunity shots on their own but due to being by themselves, has a deep scar on their arm from where they repeatedly tried to stab the needle in for the blood draw. Comes back a little off, mean and rude. Seldom treats any of their teammates as friends and leads strictly. The team wakes up one day to find them gone eventually.

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