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02-25-2024 building this thing was probably the most fun ive had in like forever. i joked to my friend how normal i became after takin antidepressants but i realized i completely forgot to take them the past few days ///.. oh well..

02-26-2024 uhmmm. wokring more thinking of adding in the character wikis or atleast the lore i got for two main ocs i got... found out the discount tire ppl on saturday had given me a new tire w a psi of 51. which for the walkers. means that bitch was overinflated and my car was wiggling while i drove. so oooo.... if i die i die!!! plsplsplspls go to bed on time oh my god i was falling asleep while driving from work

03-01-2024 march already what the hell! friday, had a long work week... did get some art done and paid all my bills for the month so feeling relaxed and loose for once. i dont really know what im gonna do w my free weekend, i usually have something going on so this is sorta new for me. thinking of finally adding in some characters for my wiki, made two this past week although i havent came up with any names for them yet...
i guess we will see!!

03-15-2024 in a strange mental space and feeling like im floating through everything with a slight headache at all times. just had spring break and ended up not doing anything except laying in my bed watching videos and scrolling endlessly through various social media with sleeping here and there... i was so passionate a month ago about everything.

04-07-2024 ready to move out in a month, absolutely excited. trying to relax and get off social media for a bit, been nice and less stress inducing than before, mostly playing minecraft again

05-02-2024 moved out. feels weird and off but i think ill settle in okay! place is more roomier than my old one, and a little quieter now. will miss it though, did really love the places my old place was near and how nice it was to just drive around the city at night with some tea and metal music going. anyway! going out to chicago in a month to meetup with some friends and say hi to some people and go to a show! how fun!

friend's social you should check them out they have a cool artstyle...toyhouse cus i love their works on there personally so if u see this im spreading the story lores around its genuinely so sick

uh okay. i have a lot of shit saved ngl but ill start w my most favorites.. i feel so cheesy doing this but i hope they might think its like sweet or cool i made this page and not like. super fucking lame oh my god... someone put me off antidepressants this is too happy now

okay so this one. is so cute i love it so much genuinely.. ill put my friends socials on the side tomorrow im getting tired ive been on this all fucking day. but uh. this one is so sweet. i think we were going over animals or some shit idfk and they drew this. cool right.

ok so. next one
this one... ngl i also sorta forgot but this was early on and i . was just getting into redbull i think maybe and was spreading my propaganda everywhere. so thats like cool. this cat is me btw. im also getting so tired so thats all i got so far. yur.

awake and adding more to cheer myself up. been so apathetic recently i feel bad for ppl who talk to me i am not giving any emotion whatsoever its so tiring lol

this one is a lil older ngl like back in october i think.. but still one of my faves got this hanged up in my apt over my desk to stare it when im bored i guess.. need to update my sona actually i want to look more cooler and sick

me and my gangs fr
we have this zombie au and its fun, really like making stories and art of us doing various things in the au, ones from the devil and angel designs my friend did, and the redbull one is from a little after i met them?? got them all hooked onto redbull around then cus i was weirdly obsessed w redbull around that time. watermelon tops btw.

socials of my friends who made this art ^
acid, did the 1st one
malt, did the 3rd one
loid, 2nd
roku, has a twitter but they dont use it much so i recommend their toyhouse more cus i love their stuff there